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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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all year. enjoy amazing shows, rides and events. the sooner you buy one, the sooner the fun starts. so com meet leon, the bubbly sea lion. and mako, the tallest, longest, fastest coaster in orlando. coming this summer. only here, only at seaworld. >> happy thursday to you. so glad you're with us. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. let's look at the top stories. >> another chilly morning, temperatures in the 30s, even in the 20s. look at that. ocala and gainesville, sorry about that.
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forecast in a second. >> he was named deputy of the year, now facing charges for the local corrections officer is accused of doing what he was doing watching the inmates. >> a car slams into a house leaving a family without a place to sleep. we'll have details of why the driver is facing charges because of a different crash. >> the irs is under attack. sign he thieves are stolen pins. what is being done to make sure they don't get their hands on your money. >> let's find out what's going on outside. it's chilly out there. >> it's silly cold out there. hope everyone is keeping warm. we have 20s in gainesville and ocala, both have dropped a degree or two, solid 30s, lake couple knee in the 30s as well much freeze warning for all shaded areas in the light blue, sumter county, portions of lake
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temperatures in northwestern seminole county, and heavy frost accumulations and cold temperatures that kins for volusia county and all of flagler county. a rare bird, i'll tell you what. every so often it gets this cold. for the kids at the bus stop, cold with frost, clear skies, ample sunshine. typically our coldest period of time, temperatures will bottom out. high pressure over the gulf coast, working with another approaching front moving toward the area, both will raise the temperatures. it starts today, warmer afternoon for us compared to where we've been. sixty-four by 2:00 o'clock, so warmer p.m. temps and we reap the benefit of florida sunshine. even better news by tomorrow, i'm liking the mid 70s for highs and for the weekend, we're mild, cool at times, sunday 65, sunny skies and no chance of rainfall.
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>> sky fox over maitland and i-4, you can see the backup. that's i-4 altamonte where there's construction on eat they're side causing serious`` delays.`````` use caution i`f you're traveling through there this morning. everything looking really quiet. no new crashes so tell you about. i want to bring you out to eatonville. kennedy boulevard is closed from johnson to college boulevard because of a water main break that happened. let's get live pictures right now. you can see crews have done work to the area, more crews coming out today to finish that work there, but again, still closed this morning and will be closed for sometime. we'll keep you updated when that road reopens. looking at drive times, lake require to colonial about 13 minutes, i-4 from the attractions to downtown, about 12. that's it. back to you. >> all right, gina, thank you. a decorated brevard county
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>> he's accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female inmate. here's a photo of barre taylor, named deputy of the year after helping arresting a violent shoplifter. other inmates aert willed the jail supervisor about the inmate. they indicated that they had sex under multiple occasions. and fired. >> i can't tell you how much it angers me. as you know, the men and women of this agency works hard everyday to protect us, and something like this serves to take that away. also in orange county, a family waking up with a massive hole in their house. >> troopers say a driver slammed
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it happened at the intersection of real grand and 35. andrea jackson is live with the details. >> good morning. here's what's left of the damage, all boarded up with cement blocks on the ground. this is at the intersection of rio grande and 19th street. the car that was involved was of involved in a hit and run at colonial and i-4 before crashing into this house. it went down yesterday, a mazda four door lost control, left the roadway, crash into a house here at 1907 rio grande avenue. luckily, nobody was in the house was hurt. the driver was taken into custody for the previous hit and run crash. we expect to learn more about the driver and additional charges he may be facing later this morning. as for the family inside this house, they have relocated to a near by hotel. power has been turned out until
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in orange county, fox 35 news. >> a news alert. fox 35 has learned that the man who killed two deputies in maryland was wanted for police here in central florida. >> this began yesterday at lunchtime. a deputy had responded to a disturbance at a restaurant in hartford county north of baltimore, that's where 67-year-old david evans opened fire on the deputy after the deputy sat down to ask him how he was doing. he shot him right in the head. a second deputy was killed in a shootout later with evans. evans was eventually killed by two other deputies. the sheriff of the county says despite the loss of his deputies, he's thankful that no innocent bystanders were hurt. >> thankful that the restaurant at lunchtime the restaurant was fulled and thankfully nobody else there or at the second scene was injured. >> the sheriff says that evans was wanted right here in central florida. there was a warrant out for his arrest for assaulting a police
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the names of the deputies killed in baltimore have not been release. >> in lake county, a police officer fighting for his life after burned in an accident. clermont police officer kris kruse is in the icu he was hurt on sunday after pouring gas on a bonfire. over 60% of his body was burned. doctors say he has a 50/50 chance to live. his disad jack also works for the police department and he says it was his dream to work with his son. >> my dream was always to be able to work with him and we were able to do that. we had a couple of shifts together. it was something that we had looked forward to as a father and son. >> kris is currently in stable condition. his parents says he needs to be completely stable before getting skin graphs. >> in orange county, with he know the victims in killed in a mass shooting.
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rojas and 22-year-old joseph vellose was killed in the shooting. it happened at 1:00 o'clock in the morning on sunday morning at club glitz in orlando. also new this morning, two women accused of brutally beating a man over prescription drugs are heading to court. >> ronald comings worth was attacked as his home yesterday. they arrested tasha mullens andxx brittany.@z they say the two hit him in the face several times, then stole his medications. >> a brevard county school is under arrest. they say that dale gunther who was in charge of tool purchases bought unnecessary items using school funds. they say he with another man kept the items or sold them and
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strowbrush had worked for a fleet maintenance foreman for the district. >> in brevard county, fwc biologists will talk to people about coyotes tonight. residents are worried because several have been spotted in gleason park in indian harbour beach. they stopped the trapping program last month after they told the trappers this he would have too euthanize any coyote they caught. the issue should come up tonight at 6:30 at gleason park community center. >> fifty-five local employees of jobs. the orlando business journal reports that the fantasy sports site's maitland officer had to lay you have many app developers. they want the office to folk qus more on customer support, adding that they're helping the laid off work toaster look for new jobs. hackers going after your tax refunds, using social security numbers to try to take money that is not theirs. joining us from the fox business
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about it is the lovely laurie simonetti. happy thursday. >> happy thursday, friday eve, gateway to the weekend. bad news this morning, that's the best way to put it. two glorious days off. so hackers have gotten into the e-file system at the irs once again. they have stolen 460,000 social security numbers and use those social security numbers to try to retrieve an i-file pin from the irs website to file your return n some instances, 100,000 instances they were able to get that pin. here's the good news, no information was compromised. the irs will contact you if they have evidence if your social security number was stolen. this hack is different from the irs outage from last week, the one that targeted the e-file system, it's different, but another instance of hackers trying to get your refund if you're getting one. >> not good at all.
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protect yourself in this case. >> i know. it's your social security nudge you safeguard as best as you can. they can do a lot of damage with it. >> sure can. good information for everybody. lauren, thank you. we'll see you later. >> thanks, amy. >> catch lauren each business morning on the fox business network at 5:00 o'clock in the morning, go to >> hirk admits she could have done better in new hampshire. >> we'll have details on that, plus the familiar face joining jeb bush on the campaign trail. disney wants to be able to use a drone at its parks. find out how this technology could make the light shows even better. 6:11 right now. brrr, jamye king. >> happy friday eve. we have your 30s out the door this morning for the kids at the bus stops, so bundle then up.
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>> welcome back. the happiest place on earth is going to get more magical with help of technology. disney has filed a patent for a new kind of drone to be used in the light shows w this new technology, disney could display
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close as 100 feet way from guests. >> you decide 2016, bernie sanders and hilary clinton will be squaring off tonight following sanders landslide win in new hampshire. >> both are heading to wisconsin for a pivotal showdown. clinton admits she needed to do more to win over the young voters after her loss tuesday night. sanders won nearly every demographic, including women and young voters. meanwhile, sanlders was in new york yesterday, he met with reverend al sharpton as he tries to sure up support among black vote glers senator sanders is coming here this morning. he makes it clear that we will not be ignored. our votes must be earned. >> the next caucus for democrat is more than a week away in nevada on the 20th, then to south carolina for the primary on february 27. changes on the republican side. it comes as the candidates prepare for another debate. ryan joins us with more on that. >> good morning. donald trump coming to florida, we'll talk about that, but the
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campaigns to south carolina. jeb bushing that his mement pump momentum will carry over. he called out donald trump,ppp repeating that he's the only candidate that held trump accountable.p >> i for one as a candidate for president, hears another commitment to you, unless i'm caught with a camera i didn't see, i'm not going to use profanity in the public. >> george w. bush is expected to campaign for his brother ahead of south carolina's primary on february 20th, he did well there as did his dad, so we'll see what happens. marco rubio, the exact opposite momentum in new hampshire, dropping from third in iowa to fifth. he's pledging to do better when the remaining candidate goes head-to-head this saturday at a debate in south carolina. >> in seven of those debates, i did very well in those debates. i had a bad incident at this
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else that we talked about. it's on me and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the exit polls shows it wasn't aing about factor in new hampshire. donald trump coming to the sunshine state tomorrow, visiting tamme pa. right now he's in south carolina, while calling out both the democrat candidates. >> who thinks that hillary is going to make it? who thinks she'll be able to run because the democrats are protecting her? first of all, she that to get through this wacky socialest guy, bernie. >> his rally is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at the usf sun dome. the tickets went fast for that point. they lost two candidates yesterday. chris christie and carly fiorina both suspending their campaigns after poor showings in the first two contests, keeping an eye on ben carson.
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jamye king. >> there's the i-drive off to the right there. we have 30s and 40s right now. orlando international 40, 42 out at tampa, about you we have this freeze warning for the north central communities and counties and south of that, no freeze warning, but man, there's going to be a lot of frost accumulation. what i want you to do if you have the time, go out there and take some shots of the car windows, whatever you got going on out there now and certainly send it to me, jamye fox 35 on facebook, twitter, to our main facebook page. we wanter to see what's going on out there because you can see
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you can seat grids showing whose got what. everything going on. these warnings, the advisories and such until 9:00 o'clock this morning. another look at the orlando tower cam atop the hyatt regency and traffic is flowing nicely. gina will update you on the roadways. for bus stops, it's in the 30s, cold with frost, it's a chilly one out there, but we maintain sun filled skies today. high pressure is moving our way and working with an approaching surface front to raise the wind flow and warp us up. you won't know it this morning, but you can sigh for the we've been. at 2:00 o'clock the last several days, 64, we hold that line until about sun down into the upper 50s by 8:00 o'clock under clear skies. for tonight, clear and chilly late, looks like we'll bottom out in the mid 40s and by 8:00
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friday, you made it to the weekend, yay us, we're looking for the 50s. here's the approach of the front, the spin of winds before it gets here and what happens, it comes through but there's not a lot of cold air to tap to the north, so we don't trend as cole, we don't see raindrops. the clouds may increase, but the next rain chance looks to arrive for monday or tuesday. by monday night, chances really peg out at about 40 or 50%, then back down by tuesday. it's a brief rain window of opportunity option big and wide, but nothing going on today, tomorrow and into saturday. it's dry, that continues for your sunday. if anything by sunday, we trend cooler overall of the front that comes through, maybe mid 60s, but we'll keep the sun in place. across the nation, a pocket of cold air that has gotten to the far south, and if you look here across the inner mountain west,
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angeles, san francisco, much of nevada seeing warm temperatures for this 11th day of february, for sure. it will be warm out west. for us bark to the 60s, solid mid 60s after this cold morning. freeze warnings not the case tonight as we'll see 46 in gainesville, orlando, right around 50 on the beachfront, especially brevard county. the next seven days, we've got the sun, the fun, a good looking weekend, then we warm up more by monday, 73 there there, that will be the best chance of rain, then tuesday down to 20%, a high on tuesday around 70 degrees. keep warm. here's gina with traffic. >> happy thursday. sky fox over i-4 eastbound just before the 436, you can see we have quite a bit of backup, but there's no crash.p this is i-4 work that's going on. we have right hand lanes blocked there, but traffic is still moving, not as slow as before, so good news there, but be aware
6:21 am
area this morning. i want to take you out to another crash. the road partially blocked, county road 445a at state road 19, it's not causing significant delays yet, but the road is blocked there so be aware if you're traveling through that area. looking at drive times, these look okay. i-4 westbound to lake colonial only 14 minutes, to downtown, 12 minutes and the 408 is up to speed. the pump patrol, saving you money. it's 1.85 at the speedway on 1792 on north griffin drive in casselberry. get gas savings tichs on our website, >> find out an in tebs protest in oregon could end this morning. >> plus, back on dry land.
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with rosary beads and crying, it was so scary. >> after a very rough time out at sea, passengers onboard the royal caribbean anthem of the seas heading home this morning. we'll have more on what they had to say about their rough waters they experienced on their trip. it during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth
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>> 6:25 here on good day. developing at this hour, the protesters at a oregon wildlife refuge could end this morning. the last four armed occupiers say they will turn themselves in after authorities have surrounded them. their group sieged the refuge more than a month ago. cliven bundy, the father, was arrested overnight, fawsing charges from the 2014 standoff at his ranch. >> cruise passengers are back on dry land in new jersey, trying to get back home after a nightmare at sea. >> luanne joins us with more. >> good morning. the anthem of the seas ran into hurricane force winds as they head to port canaveral in florida. many weary faces walked out of @ the ship around 8:00 o'clock last night, but some are still on the ship this morning because they didn't expect to get back@
6:25 am
most passengers said they're just happy to be back home. ` >> when you see the crew praying with rosary beads and crying, it was so scary. >> it was great. the crew was great. it was intense, but we were safe. >> yeah, when the crew is praying and crying, a little unnerving, right? passengers will get a full refund and certificate for half off of a future cruise, but i don't know if they want to get back on a cruise ship after the experience they had. >> i would wait for a few years, maybe. >> yeah. >> maybe forever. >> settle down a bit. it's going to cost you more to go to one theme park here in orlando. >> find out where you have to pay extra as the price wars are heating up. plus, it's almost time for speed week in daytona. >> it's crazy how many more people are in town. >> we caught up with one of the
6:26 am
there's jamye mcmurry. find out what's happening today
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morning. beautiful backdrop behind us. it's cold outside. good day, i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. it's a cold thursday morning. i can hardly before believe that. you have 20s on there. >> yesterday morning we had ocala at 28, gainesville was just above that mark, but this morning i think much of north central florida goes way down and we're realizing the 20s at this time. it will be close at palm coast, daytona beach at 38. the concrete is radiating the heat of yesterday, and while we weren't that warm yesterday, it will retain that and continues to spew that heat into the overnight hours, so that's why we're a few notches warmer in orlando, but frost advisory continues no you for all of orlando metro. you good it's into the outskirts, northern communities and counties, a full on freeze warning in effect. advice
6:29 am
9:00 o'clock this morning. we heavy frost cumulations where we do find t i hope you took precautions. good morning. it's about big high pressure over the gulf and this pup will come our way, warming the temperatures up and make for a good looking friday. i think you'll like the numbers in the seven-day straight ahead. for today, 64 by 2:00 o'clock, sunshine filled skies and warmer is the word of the afternoon compared to the days past where we were in the 50s. today we make headway into the 60s, 70s no tomorrow. a decent looking weekend. the details are trait ahead. >> hi, everybody, happyx thursday. roads looking good this morning, however, we have a new crash in osceola on north poinciana on the 192 causing significant delays both directions, no word of any roadblock, but i'll keep you updated.
6:30 am
at kennedy boulevard eastbound, it's shut down from johnson to college avenue, which is about a block because of a water main break that happened a couple of days ago. fox 35 is on scene right now and we'll see what it looks like out there and when the road will reopen. hey, jackie. >> good morning. it's the westbound lanes right here that remain closed as you can see city workers had ripped up the road so they could repair that water main break and traffic is going by through the eastbound lanes here at kennedy boulevard. drivers of course have been going around to avoid this area. the boil water alert affects nearly 800 homes and businesses in the area. the water main break happened tuesday night. the officials don't know the cause of the break, but the public works department said the cold weather may be to blame. it's between college avenue and johnson street, the pipe has been repaired, but resident have
6:31 am
has to boil the water until the alert is lifted. the city is asking residents to be patient as they continue to test the water. for the roads, they hope to have it cleaned up and repair bid later tonight. reporting in eatonville, fox 35 news. >> jackie, thank you. >> a community in orange county will gather for a candle light vigil in remembrance of deputy jonathan scott pine. it marks two years since he was shot and killed in the line of duty. he was responding to a call about a car break-in when he was shot and killed about i a suspect. tonight, the vigil will be at west minister abbey boulevard on horse ferry road near where he was killed, and it starts at 5:45 this evening. a family's home was damaged after a car went into the home. >> orlando police think that the 27-year-old driver ran into that
6:32 am
yesterday after he was involved in that separate hit and run. police officers arrested him in connection with the hit and run. they have not released any details about this crash. state troopers are investigating the crash into the house as well. no one was hurt. >> it has to be replaced. my kids are fine, that's good enough for me. >> authorities have not released the driver's name. >> authorities are still looking for two people after they made a drug bust in orange county. the dee, dea, the orange county sheriff's office and opd took more than $250,000 worth of drugs off of the streets, arresting ten people, including a 74-year-old woman, trafficking heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs. >> ormond beach police said this man was in public wearing nothing but sneakers. a woman saw brandon smith on the main trail bridge.
6:33 am
back in 2014, he's accused of exposing himself. >> universal has bumped up tickets to two theme parks and now eyes are on disney. a one-day ticket to universal will cost 105 bucks, up $3, a park to park ticket that lets to you go to universal study yankees on islands of adventure, that will be $150 bucks, up $8. so far in 2016, disney has not changed its prices and usually it's disney that goes first, so this is unusual. >> the magic went down to the wire with one of the league's best teams and news from daytona. >> ryan has your morning sports report. >> good morning. no question the magic can play with the best teams in the nba,hh@p closing out the game is anotherp story. they played really well last@ night, building a 14-point
6:34 am
how many times we've said that.spurs came back to tie it,@ and leonard will hit a shot. this is evan fournier pullingp the magic even.hhcci you'll see this.r the magic with a second to go, got a layup, didn't go in, they lost it b y@ two. they're off for the all-star break. the next game is next friday,d the 19th when they take on dallas at home.'''!! that's at the buzzer, but with the time, it doesn't go down. big news from nascar, bryan vicars will fill in for tony stewart at daytona. stewart hass racing has a conference tomorrow to talk about the future of the number 14. stewart is out for the final season for him with his back.@ vicars is not eligible to race in the sprint unlimited. getting to the speedway tonight, some drivers are all ready
6:35 am
adam met up with former daytona 500 winner jamye mcmurry yesterday. >> it's crazy how much more bigger it is, how much more people are in town, the amount of motor homes that shows up. it's the biggest race in the year. >> mcmurry was in daytona a few weeks ago for the rolex 24. the unlimited is a great race, good to see some racing and i think it will warm up between now and then, so good news. >> from your lips to god's ears. >> the so-called open carey bill may be in trouble. >> we have an update coming up. plus, look out below, the story
6:36 am
>> all new at 6:00 o'clock, this was not supposed to happen. crews in houston were working on demolishing a corporate plaza. they were almost done bringing down the parking garage, when it came down unexpectedly. it hit an escalator, but the worker inside was not hurt much the battle over changes to florida's death penalty continues at the state capitol. >> as it stands now, the jury recommends the death penalty, then the judge makes the final decision. the u.s. supreme court says that's unconstitutional. yesterday, victim's families pleaded with lawmakers to consider the house's version of
6:37 am
jury vote in order to impose the death panel. >> i ask you to focus on the victims of homicide who have suffered greatly and their families to ensure that justice is served and peace of mind is granted that these horrible individual also never walk free. >> the senate's proposal would require a unanimous jury decision. florida's open carey bill is ng haing by a thread t would allow concealed weapons holders to carey openly, but it's not doing well in the house and unlikely to be heard by another committee. >> a couple from orlando desperate to get their missing service dog back. >> he disappeared about a week and a half ago. >> please, please bring my dog back. you don't understand what this dog means to me. >> we'll have the information that could help you fine him is coming up.
6:38 am
watching "good day orl >> welcome back. 6:45 now. it's a news alert. tensions are rising in the wake of the north korea satellite ranch. >> intelligence agencies says that north korea is making advances in their nuclear weapons program. in washington, d.c., the senate approved a bill that hits north korea with more sanctions. the house passed a similar bill last month. that controversial satellite may not be much of a threat after all. there's numerous reports that
6:39 am
>> a couple in orlando desperately looking for their service dog that they believe may have been stolen. >> jackie says she has ptsd after witnessing a shooting. her dog desmond is trained to help her with severe anxiety. on january 31st, her husband took the dog to work this with them. he was playing with two other dogs when they ran away. the other two dogs ran away, the service dog did not. they even had a bloodhound to track him down, but the scent disappears in the middle of the road. >> please, please bring my dog back. you don't understand what this dog means to me, what this dog does for me. >> sometimes in public, i hear a noise, it can just trigger anxiety and my anxiety goes through the roof and he senses it right away, and he knows and he just comforts me. >> she says she now spnds almost everyday avoiding situations
6:40 am
she says she spends every night searching for desmond. 6:46. here's jamye king. >> you see 20s in gainesville, ocala. we may drop another degree or two, so heads-up. gainesville and alachua county, you're not so far behind, then to the south, we so some moderation but if you ask me, it's cold with upper 30s to right at about 40 at orlando international and downtown, four corners at 36. right now and thank goodness, thank goodness, thank you, thank you, the widz are not so breezy and gusty this morning because we tbhob a hurtful state with the windchill. there's a little bit with the slight breeze under five miles per hour does begin to set up. it's dropping the feels like or
6:41 am
about 32 now out at sanford. we told you yesterday morning, you remember the bet on air, i mentioned five bucks to see a full on freeze warning in sumter county. pay up. south of that, we have a frost advisory, but keep in mind within the confines of the freeze warning, we'll have heavy accumulations of frost and areas that normally retain frost helps to develop that. sunshine, warmer p.m. temps, mid 60s today and 58 awrd the bend and the sun goes down towards 8:00 o'clock, not as cold overnight tonight, first thing friday. we have dry air in place, that's cooled things down around here, but big high pressure and spinning winds will begin to slowly move our way. this will set up warmer times ahead. it starts tonight. i'll call it clear and chilly
6:42 am
degrees warmer than this morning. that gradual raise in temperatures with the high coming across in the approach of the front and the southwesterly air flow warming up. it will drop temperatures for saturday and sunday. i think we'll hover near the mid and upper 60s all weekends, but we'll have the sunshine tn looks good. a lot of above normal temperature spreads for the desert southwest and southern texas. they're lucky, the envy of the nation around 80 degrees, brownsville, houston currently 56, orlando 40 and 21 out at charlotte. lake county more of the same, groveland and claimer, a
6:43 am
of 60s. in volusia county, we see the beachfront in the low 60s, maybe mid 60s along the i-4 corridor, and pierce son to deland through i-4 and south of that. warmer times ahead, mid 70s ahead, only a stunt that the state of florida can produce. back down we go. saturday and sunday we have the mid and upper 60s, best chance of rain on monday, highs at 50%, then down to 20% on tuesday for the rain chances. here's gina. >> happy thursday. sky fox over the city beautiful```````` right now.````````` ` all of the major roads look` good, however, we have a couple of crashes, one new one to tell you about. this is on curry ford and river ridge road. curry ford westbound is blocked, cause being delays, so be aware of that. use caution through this this morning. this crash on poinciana and 192,
6:44 am
clearing up, so good news there. at your drive times, everything looking nice on i-4 this morning. westbound from lake mary to colonial will take you about 16 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown will take you about 14, and the 408 well. back to you. >> thank you. time to look at trending online headlines. >> right over to luanne. >> good morning, the first headline comes from time, harry potter and the cursed child will be published in book form. harry potter fans will love this. harry potter is returning to bookstores later this summer. j.k. rauling is releasing the script from harry potter and the cursed child. the play will remere in london at the end of july.@ it follows potter's adult life| as an overworked employee of the ministry of magic and the father of three children. good to see he's like the rest
6:45 am
the book is set to be released in stores on july 31st. the last headline is from discovery, reading horses reads emotions in people's faces. a new study shows horses can tell how you're feeling for your face. researchers in the uk looked at about 30 different horses from different stables. they showed the horses pictures of men with different facial expressions. many of the horses had strong reactions to the angry face, showing signs of feeling threatened. researchers say that horses are better at recognizing emotions if they have an emotional connection with humans. so now the horse can say, why the long face. [laughter] >> wow, she went there. must be your last day of work this week? >> it is, it's my friday. can you tell? >> yes, you went there. thank you, lou. new developments in the florida art mystery.
6:46 am
piece from a gallery. it was recovered, about you police still want to know who actually took it. we'll show you new surveillance video that could help them with their investigation. it's coming up right here on "good day orlando". here's a nice beautiful view this morning, a cold view, but pretty. 40 degrees outside looking down at the city beautiful this morning. drive a coat, scarfs, gloves, a the ha, whatever you can think of.
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>> welcome back. time to look at stories making headlines in florida. >> a teenager from the tampa area under arrest after deputies say he was caught with a gun on a school bus. the 18-year-old was arrested after another student reported seeing him load the handgun on the bus. helicopters county deputies said that the student texted the relative about seeing the gun, then the relative called 9-1-1. police found a nine millimeter of gun, ammunition and a ski mask, and marijuana. >> st. pete police are looking to identify a man in surveillance video that could have information about a stolen piece of artwork. the man standing in e to the limousine is called limo man. another man walked up to him and spoke to him for a few minutes.
6:50 am
swiped the blown glass vase out of the gallery. the vase was found in a box the next day about a half mile from where it was stolen from. they want the limo man to come forward so they can have him help identify the suspect. hundreds of sailors all over the world are sailing from miami to cuba for the first time. the race started yesterday. they'll go down the keys and cross over to havana. forty-six boats with about 200 people are sailing in a 200-mile race, the last official race from the u.s. to cuba was in 1959. jamye frkts winds are as strong down there as they are here, they'll be done in ten minutes. like speed boats. coming up at 7:00 o'clock, extreme crediting. >> why some people are opening more credit cards to rescue their credit. does that work? plus, is there such a thing about of afat gene?
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"good day orlando". here's another city beautiful view.
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